Andrew J. Michalik

Mr. Michalik works with international teams to lead, inspire, and influence Engineering, Product Management, and Project Management for delivery of new products and awesome technical solutions. He’s run his own successful startup, worked as a consultant for 50+ top-tier organizations, coordinated teams around the globe, and launched new products. He’s served as Founder, CEO, VP, General Manager, Director, Product Manager, Project Manager, Architect, Development Manager, and Software Engineer with a proven track record as an individual contributor, direct manager, and a manager of managers. Andrew combines strategic perspective, global competence, and business acumen with a collaborative management style to effectively lead cross-functional teams. Connect to me via LinkedInGithub, My Family, or Download my Resume


Vice President Engineering | Consumer & Merchant Verticals | Fintech $10B+ Unicorn – We’re Hiring!

I am excited to be part of Nubank, the highest valued ($10B+) digital bank in the world. Here I have a unique opportunity to partner with the founding Chief Technology Officer to lead engineering teams and work with the all Executive Leadership. The scope is consumer and merchant technology, globally.

Nubank is a young company with a large ambition: revolutionize the lethargic financial services industry. We’re a technology-driven financial services Unicorn funded by Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund, Tiger Global, Kaszek Ventures, and QED Investors. Nubank challenges an outdated and bureaucratic system by building a simple, safe, and 100% digital environment that delights our customers.

Facilitated company reorganization and transitioned into new role leading a 100+ Engineering team for consumer and merchant facing verticals. Specific teams include:

  • Credit Card Authorizer
  • Bill & Payments, Chargeback
  • Core Credit, including Credit Strategy, Engagement, & Heavy Spenders
  • NuConta PF & NuConta PJ
  • Lending
  • Customer Service Platforms to improve customer-facing operational efficiency while providing a great experience. Support a sustainable and efficient scaling of Nubank operations by building products and features driven by deep analytics.

Previously, teams included:

  • Security, including InfoSec Red/Blue Teams, auditing, physical security and IT for Onboarding, and remote office tools.
  • Engineering Platforms – Zookeeper, AWS resources, Kafka, DB’s & sharding, Business Engineering metrics. Stack includes Clojure, CI/CD into AWS, Datomic & DynamoDB, Prometheus & Splunk.
  • Customer Service Platforms to improve customer-facing operational efficiency while providing a great experience. Support a sustainable and efficient scaling of Nubank operations by building products and features driven by deep analytics.
  • International – Establish and support international operations with Headquarters Engineering (Brazil), Berlin, Mexico City, while expanding hiring and enablement of internationally remote team members.
  • People & Culture – Build tools to help grow our teams and strengthen our hiring and internal recruitment. Use data and software tools to drive self-awareness, team-awareness, time-management, influence tools, onboarding, and team engagement.
  • Launching new teams, including Technical Writers & a Technical Program Management (TPM) Team.

To achieve these goals, we recruit the highest-performing team of any technology company in the world. While we value candidates that are familiar with our stack, we are also confident that software engineers who are interested in joining us to learn:

  • Horizontally scalable micro-services written in Clojure, using Finagle and leveraging functional programming techniques and hexagonal architecture, with services running in Kubernetes
  • High throughput jobs and inter-service communication using Kafka
  • CI/CD into AWS
  • Data storage in Datomic & DynamoDB
  • Prometheus & Splunk for Monitoring and observability

Even more than technology, we believe that people are key for us to get there. We are process-light, organized in squads, tribes & guilds, and value working in small, independent teams that feel like small startups. We have a global culture with a diverse employee population from around the world working in our São Paulo (Brazil) headquarters, with engineering offices in Berlin & Mexico City. With a team of over 1,100 talented employees, Nubank is dedicated to creating an inclusive, international and challenging work environment.

Nubank has been named the #1 top Startup in Brazil by LinkedIn, and no. 3 for Latin America on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies. The company is constantly looking for skilled, globally minded and result-oriented team members who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We believe in good team chemistry, enthusiasm for building and delivering new features and products, learning while constantly improving what we are already good at, collaborating efficiently to ship quality products.

We are hiring Managers, Developers, Data Scientists, Product Manager, and more at Apply or DM me today!

Head of Engineering, Systems & Security,

As Head of Engineering, Systems & Security, lead 90+ managers and indirect reports with strong decision-making skills and an understanding of where infrastructure, security, and support fit into the overall organizational growth & strategy. Proven track record of hiring, managing, and working with multidisciplinary teams and mentoring talent. Manage a global geographically distributed team. Expert at vendor and budget management. Own architecture, security, DevOps, & infrastructure best practices, processes, metrics, and engineering. Primary driver, educator, and steward of high quality and reliable engineering organization. Guide strategic technology investments in alignment with business needs.

Chair weekly Operation Excellence meetings to drive stability & reliability with deployment processes including canary deployments and deprecating systems out of critical path. Regularly and consistently improve our infrastructure-related processes. Scaled the SysOps, Security, and Support teams while growing management bench strength. Scaled on-call processes and procedures capturing tribal knowledge with wikis and rotation strategies. Instituted a Total Quality Management process to improve our tracking and remediation of bugs in the field, including tracking open known issues after product release. Early in tenure initiated the deprecation of a legacy system that had been under consideration for almost 2 years by structuring it as a 3-month plan in order to keep attention focused on the project. Successfully negotiated SLA freezes with Product Management and country leads, despite periodic resistance lowered upon recognition of improved quality and stability. Manage 8 digit multi-million Opex budgets & contracts with AWS & Google cloud service providers while simultaneously rightsizing and scaling operations at tremendous growth rates and 3+ nines availability.

Managed teams in Singapore, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, & Vietnam. (2017 – 2018)

Contract CTO / Senior Technology Consultant – Multiple $xxM Funded Startups, VINFO Inc

Contract CTO for fast growing eCommerce, EdTech, Training, Manufacturing, and Digital Marketing startups and established corporations serving international markets.

Providing consulting services to regional startups and enterprise organizations with international development centers. Contributing highly technical competence, strong written English and verbal communication skills, plus management know-how to Southeast Asia and the EU multinationals. Consulting as a Senior/Executive Level Manager with both startup experience and a leadership background from major U.S. corporations. Dedicated to guiding emerging businesses and managing locally for established organizations with an international perspective.

◆ Coordinate corporate IT solutions (CRM, accounting, marketing systems, and reporting tools) plus front office digital media (internal websites and e-commerce portals).
◆ Guide IT teams based in SouthEast Asia plus remote teams in multiple continents.
◆ Recruit and coach employees.
◆ Plan, organize, and control IT and digital operations at a global level.
◆ Ensure security and reliability of electronic transactions.
◆ Pro-actively automate processes that can be streamlined with IT solutions.
◆ Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions.
◆ Handle annual budget and ensure cost effectiveness.

Recent client technologies include: Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 & RDS MySQL, Go Language / golang, Docker, Microservice Architecture.

Developing with Java, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, OptimizePress, OAP (Office Ontraport CRM), Konnektive, Git / GitHub, Atlassian Suite / BitBucket.

Working with teams across Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Thailand, & Singapore. (2016 – 2017)

Director of Software Development / GM, Rackspace Cloud
Led 30+ Senior Managers, Managers, & Principal Engineers for Cloud Computing IaaS / SaaS offerings including Auto Scaling, Monitoring, Metrics, Monitoring Intelligence Dashboard, and Mobile Apps, plus SFO Site Operations. Stabilized and normalized teams from a product, personnel, and performance standards perspective; built passion around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), internal process improvement, and best practices. Mentored individual contributors and transitioned leaders into and out of new positions with more appropriate responsibilities. Engaged teams at standup, sprint & product planning, plus coding & design review sessions; monitored PR’s (closed & open-source) to track software development and DevOps automation. Partnered with Product Management on product strategy and product roadmaps, and with Senior VP Leadership to drive credible long term strategic direction. Rebuilt and streamlined the recruitment pipeline to aggressively on-board open positions.

Drove metrics adoption across the organization to improve SFO & upstream systems. Initiated consistent use of metrics dashboards to drive improved SLAs and system reliability through weekly Operational Reviews. One key system achieved a 100x success rate improvement with a 10x user growth, and was acknowledged by the CTO at a company-wide event. Launched a Monitoring dashboard and delivered 230% yr/yr growth. Drove frontend user experience (UX) redesign with improved graphics, bootstrap CSS, suppressions, backend sister-system integration, and one-click alarm configuration leading to a 20% positive increase within a month of launch. Achieved 6x usage increase for Monitoring Metrics to 8M metrics/min from +200K servers feeding 10x growth of a 5PB big data analytics platform, and soft-launched a new Kafka based architecture for future 10x scalability. Technologies: Java, Node.js, Python, OpenStack, Cassandra, Kafka, Hadoop, Git/GItHub, Jenkins Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), Chef. (2013 – 2016)

Software Development Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Led 12+ engineers as direct and indirect reports in developing tools for security monitoring, software inventory, system health status, visualization, fleet-wide upgrades, and testing of fleet software. Product development included a software deployment system handling millions of AWS software upgrades every day, a software Inventory system for cloud instances, and a generalized software testing framework providing QA and stress analysis for EC2 platforms and AWS software. Created and articulated a broader vision for the team within AWS, with emphasis on safety and fleet health. Stabilized, rebuilt (tripled), and inspired the team with a singular focus on software engineering excellence.

Instituted and led the AWS EC2-wide Change Control Board for governance, compliance, and release management of all server deployments. Over a six month period, drove customer facing “Dashboard” events to zero with no large scale events, and internal defects to under 0.4% over hundreds of discrete full-fleet updates containing millions of deployments. Drove adoption of the EC2 Deployment Service from 70% to 97% through user engagement, internal promotion, innovation, and proactive feature enhancements such as audit trail, velocity control, blast radius safety, simplified canary testing with automated set generation, auto-scheduling, improved failure detection, and noise-reduced zonal monitoring. Accountable for a zero dashboard event defect rate while handling a 2x usage increase. Launched a patch verification and reporting system to alert on the patch level (e.g., “Green” if no known vulnerabilities) and feeding the deployment service to bring all servers to a safe state. Driven by ambitious goal to “Prepare and execute flawless software changes through controlled deployments with impact to our customers == zero”. Technologies: Linux (various flavors), AWS Systems (RDS, SQS, DynamoDB, more), Distributed Computing, Cloud management, networking, and testing. (2012 – 2013)

Senior Program Manager,
Senior Program Manager for Amazon Product Ads, a CPC program to monetize traffic for e-commerce merchants on and off Managed the multimillion-dollar build out of Amazon’s Ad Network systems for Owned & Operated, Direct Buy and RTB advertising placements. Upon arrival, stepped in at a critical juncture when the previous TPM moved on, and within six weeks launched two initiatives previously late by 10 weeks. Successfully launched a high throughput (50K tps) low latency (100ms) private cloud and AWS based Real Time Bidding (RTB) system. Proactively scaled system by 20x from initial launch to sniffing >1 billion bids per day for a remnant/arbitrage play with cutting edge behavioral, retargeting, and contextual targeting machine learning algorithms. Went live on Amazon Ad Exchange with Real Time Bidding and Direct Publishers as a result of a remarkable collaboration among teams spanning three continents. Managed a dozen external teams in a fast-paced environment with multiple projects in-flight for effective product specification, design, and feature releases. Scrum Master for teams of up to fourteen engineers and acting Product Manager during a six-month personnel transition.

As an individual contributor, monitored system performance, contributed to design and code reviews, and built software tools for research and analysis. Passionate about detecting fraud and curious about suspicious cart activity, modified sales attribution queries to persuasively show analytical patterns that indicated non-human bot activity. Built customized PHP web technology prototypes to demonstrate the proper use of JavaScript conversion tracking to unblock integration and performance testing. Created standalone applications and databases hitting RESTful APIs to improve the quality of ad search results for TF-IDF and Hadoop Related Ads. Technologies: Amazon internals and NoSQL database, HTML/CSS, JSON, JavaScript, PHP, VB.NET, Oracle Business Intelligence (BI), and SQL queries. (2010 – 2012)

Director / Senior Technical Manager / Enterprise Architect, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Director level contract Senior Technical Manager and Enterprise Architect managing systems for the President of Production Administration, Chairman of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, four CFO’s, twenty+ vendors, ten+ internal groups, and fifteen+ employees. Created and managed greenfield and migration Lean / Agile / Waterfall projects for over 20 enterprise applications through all aspect of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Drove definition of deliverables, milestones and dependencies for Workplace Management Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) applications processing 40,000 work requests per year. Architected, developed, and debugged C# / ASP.Net, MS SQL, Oracle and XML interfaces to internal web services for SAP, Archibus, asset management, Crystal / Business Objects executive reporting, IT security and identity management systems handling 2.5M sq ft in 80 buildings with 200+ reports and billing $100M/yr. Developed and maintained requirements and schedules within an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) environment; produced statements of work and executive presentations for a diverse set of infrastructure applications. Coordinated project release rollouts, assisted in group training classes, and managed testing for internal initiatives such as occupancy tracking, royalty distribution, and web development for both internal brand recognition (Office Art) and external customer engagement (Sony Online Emporium). Technologies: Adobe Flex, AJAX, C#/VB/ASP.Net, Java/J2EE, MS SQL, Oracle, OSCommerce, PHP / MySQL, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), SAP web services, UNIX/Linux, Windows, WordPress, and XML data feeds. Recruited from a hands on software engineering manager role to this Director level position as a “short-term, part-time” contract that continued for 7+ years uninterrupted. (2000 – 2010)

CEO & Founder, Voice Information Systems
CEO & Founder of a successful software consulting and systems development firm with $5M+ in sales and 80%+ product market penetration. Designed and implemented innovative, competitive, and award-winning commercial software for editing and managing digital audio plus programming tools for voice processing (IVR) systems. Led, coached, and motivated an entrepreneurial start-up consisting of 20+ employees, contractors and vendors with knowledgeable, practical, results-oriented management of budget, sales, advertising, marketing, and customer experience. Hands-on developer for a graphical audio editor front-end, batch processing back-end tools for digitized sound, an English language text-to-speech engine, and a multi-threaded computer telephony hardware driver library. Researched technology trends and developed a prototype Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) Internet Telephony real-time streaming audio product using on-the-fly audio compression and low-level Winsock TCP/IP protocols. Gained end-to-end system development and management skills, plus industry experience in Telecommunications, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Digital Media, and Order Fulfillment. Clients included Sony Pictures Entertainment, Metropolitan Life Insurance, Bertelsmann Media, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals, IBM Global Business Services, and Raytheon Electromagnetic Systems Division. Technologies: Visual Basic, C++, C, Windows SDK, and 80×86 assembly. (1990 – 2000)

Software Developer, IBM
Software developer for a PC-based multi-threaded OS/2 graphical interface for a bank check signature recognition system produced jointly with Security Pacific Automation Company (SPAC). Internships at the IBM World Trade Americas/Far East Headquarters and the IBM Almaden Research Center. (1989 – 1990)


Cloud Computing • eCommerce • Online Advertising • Media and Entertainment • Telecommunications • Investment Banking, Insurance and Finance • Information Security • Infrastructure Architecture


  • Program / Product Development and Management
  • Ability to lead and inspire multi-disciplinary teams across domestic and international locations
  • Executive management experience with both blue chip corporations and entrepreneurial startups
  • Expertise in leading design, sales, and delivery of technology and business solutions
  • Skilled at empowering high performing individual contributors
  • Proficient at mediation and team conflict resolution


MSEE, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Master of Science, Computer Engineering, High Honors
BSEE, RUTGERS ENGINEERING, Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, High Honors

Honors / Certifications

CT Magazine Product of the Year • CT Expo Best of Show • CT Magazine People Of The Year • TeleConnect Magazine Editors Choice • TRW Fellowship award • Certified Scrum Master • AWS Business Professional • AWS Technical Professional


US Patent #9696982, Safe host deployment for a heterogeneous host fleet
Utilizing the concepts and technologies described herein, updates to hosts in a heterogeneous host fleet can be deployed in a safe manner by conducting a test deployment before deploying the updates to all the hosts in the host fleet. Potential problems can be discovered during the test deployment and thereby mass deployment failure can be avoided. A subsequent analysis may be conducted based on the deployment data to provide recommendations for future deployments.


VFEdit Professional Prompt Editor: Award winning audio editor for creating great sounding voice files for Computer Telephony Systems. VFEdit works with computer telephony sound systems in ADPCM, Mu-law, A-law and other encoding formats. • Audio Toolbox Digital Audio Processor and Converter: Batch process and convert digital audio files to and from industry standard telephony formats. Audio ToolBox is a professional quality conversion utility for the MS-DOS® and Windows® operating systems. • TI/F DLL Telephone Interface Dynamic Link Library: Award winning Telephone Interface (TI/F) Dynamic Link Library (DLL) provides a Windows compatible interface to voice communication hardware.


I weigh the following five parameters: company culture, co-workers, growth opportunity, scope of influence, and location. Contact me regarding your projects!

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